Are you planning an Arkansas elopement? Want to know the best Arkansas Elopement Locations?

Arkansas elopements are my favorite! Why plan a big expensive wedding at a huge venue when you can get married outside? As a result, you can spend your budget on what matters most to you! You can also include your closest friends and family. Furthermore, you have more time to take amazing photos that you can share with them! Read on to discover my favorite places to elope in Arkansas– I’ve listed seven of my favorites below!

Elopements are defined as small, intimate weddings that may consist of just the couple and their officiant or may include a small number of close friends and family. Typically, elopements happen at a county courthouse or in the case of adventure elopements, a gorgeous and scenic outdoor location.

The Best Seasons for Eloping in Arkansas

Spring and summer are perfect seasons for Arkansas elopements, as the weather is relatively warm and mild. In addition, elopements are relatively inexpensive. All you need to pay for is your dress and partner’s dress or suit, officiant, flowers, gas money to get to the location, and photographer (if you want one). Also, an elopement lets you create your wedding on your own terms— you can even wear Chacos, or get married on a mountaintop or special river. In addition, you can even add a reception or wedding later if you want so that you and your partner can get the best of both worlds!

Eloping is a great option nowadays, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it! By spending time outside with your beloved, you always have the option to do a larger party later. In addition, you can save that extra money for your honeymoon or later reception! So where to elope in Arkansas? There are so many gorgeous Arkansas elopement locations!

Elopement Rules + Permits in Arkansas

If you’re considering eloping, you want to do so responsibly! Furthermore, don’t forget to reach out to your local park service, officiant or photographer well in advance about permits, as most of these locations require permits for elopements or other gatherings.

Please practice Leave No Trace guidelines and don’t go off trail. You can find more information on Leave No Trace Principles here.


White Rock Recreation Area

This is one of my favorite spots for a reason! For one, it’s both accessible and oh so dreamy at sunset! White Rock Recreation Area is super rustic and close to both Northwest Arkansas and Fort Smith. In addition, there are tons of bluffs to choose from to get the best view. As a result, you literally can’t go wrong with taking your engagement or Arkansas elopement photos here!

It’s seriously a beautiful spot and so worth the drive! I promise you won’t regret driving out here! Furthermore, you’ll take back some amazing memories even if you don’t take photos!

How to Elope at White Rock


Sam’s Throne

Sam’s Throne is located near Mount Judea, on the Buffalo River. At this particular spot, there is also a primitive campground and stunning views of the Boston Mountains and Ozark Mountains to the south and west, which is really special. As a result, you’ll get some absolutely iconic images!

This place is an iconic spot on the Buffalo River and for good reason! As a result, this beautiful view offers 180 degree views of the Boston Mountains and it’s usually pretty deserted– which makes t a great spot for a sunrise or evening elopement. The main trail takes about five minutes to access the main overlook, however it is not ADA accessible. Jasper is the closest nearby town, so if you’re looking for scenic views and a middle-of-nowhere vibe, Sam’s Throne is a great location for an adventure elopement in Arkansas!

Sam’s Throne Elopement Planning Page

An Adventure Elopement at Sam’s Throne with Film Scans


Hawksbill Crag

Ahh, one of my favorite spots! After walking for about 45 minutes on an easy incline, you’ll find this stunning rock formation, also called Whittaker Point, is located in Ponca near the Buffalo River and is a perfect spot for an Arkansas elopement or small, intimate wedding! The Crag is a gorgeous and iconic Arkansas landmark for a reason- and there are stunning views year round of this hot spot near Ponca, Arkansas. Taking about an hour to access, the hike is long but not too long. It is still a great location for an adventure elopement in Arkansas and one of my most requested elopement locations!

I would not recommend this spot if you have elderly guests or children joining you. The hike is somewhat challenging. You’ll definitely want to bring a day pack for this hike! You will need a permit from the ranger’s office to elope at Hawksbill.

Hawksbill Crag Adventure Elopement


Petit Jean State Park

Ahh, Petit Jean– rich in history and beautiful scenery! This beautiful state park is situated about an hour north of Conway near Little Rock. Petit Jean State Park has a ton of gorgeous views and also has a rustic lodge, cabins and lots of campground locations (plus yurts, pretty awesome!).

The scenic park offers a variety of breathtaking locations to shoot at, including Stout’s Point, which faces east and a western facing cliff perfect for a sunset elopement (CCC Overlook) where I’ve shot approximately 15 elopements! As a result, there is also a beautiful waterfall overlook (Cedar Falls) that is a two minute walk from the parking lot and is a great spot for an accessible elopement. In addition, there are also plenty of scenic trails, waterfalls and caves to explore in the area.


Mount Magazine State Park

About two hours from Fayetteville and an hour and a half from Little Rock, this spot is a stunning location for a small intimate wedding or elopement. The spot is the highest point in Arkansas, and there are tons of natural bluffs, crags and even a lake featuring picturesque photo opportunities. In addition, you can enjoy the gorgeous and spacious lodge, cabins and an outdoor amp and pavilions any time of year. It’s truly a beautiful spot. As a result, you’ll have some beautiful photos here!

Several of my couples like to have their elopement on a scenic bluff. Afterwards, they enjoy a nice dinner at the lodge or their private cabin. I know you’ll absolutely love this spot for its scenery and accommodations! In addition, it’s very close to Northwest Arkansas and Central Arkansas.

How to Elope at Mount Nebo in Russellville, Arkansas


Lost Valley State Park

The Buffalo River area has tons of gorgeous spots for a scenic elopement– three of my favorites include Steel Creek, Lost Valley and Twin Falls. This scenic waterfall, named Twin Falls, is a beautiful spot, and it’s in fact one of my most requested elopement or engagement spots! The trail takes about 3 minutes to traverse from the parking lot, and is slightly ADA accessible (flat dirt trail). You’ll want to check out this spot for your engagement session or elopement. It’s easily one of my favorites! As a result, you’ll love your photos from this stunning location.

How to Elope on the Buffalo River


Steel Creek

Dreaming of eloping on the Buffalo River? You’ll definitely want to check out Steel Creek, because it’s one of my favorite spots and also so close to Northwest Arkansas! Sporting beautiful natural bluff lines and easy river access — it’s easily one of my favorite spots! In addition, the road is paved all the way down, making this one of the most accessible locations on the list. Couples will need a permit to elope at Steel Creek– you can apply through the ranger’s office in Harrison.

Eloping isn’t for everyone, but for the couples who want an intimate and personalized approach, it can be amazing and rewarding! Furthermore, you can really make your elopement exactly how you want it. In addition, eloping is just awesome!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this thing! Reach out to me to start planning your elopement today!

A Fall Elopement at Steel Creek

How to Elope at Hawksbill Crag

The Best Fall + Winter Elopement Locations in Arkansas

Mount Nebo State Park Elopement

Mount Nebo is situated near the college town of Russellville in Central Arkansas. This beautiful mountaintop location is super accessible and perfect for an elopement. Mount Nebo has gorgeous 360 degree views of the valley below and tons of hidden gems such as Lover’s Leap that are perfect for a sunset elopement.

I also love their cabins, which are the perfect place to get ready for your elopement or intimate wedding.


Pinnacle Mountain State Park is located near Little Rock, Arkansas and has stunning sunset views. This particular hike to Flatside Pinnacle boasts beautiful sunset vistas and breezy spots for adventure elopement photos.

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