How to Elope in Arkansas– Your Step by Step Guide

So you want to elope in Arkansas? Congratulations!! Eloping is a very special way to begin your marriage journey. Read along to discover my step-by-step guide to eloping in Arkansas.

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1. Figure Out Your Arkansas Elopement Location + Date

Firstly, you’ll want to select your perfect elopement location. Arkansas has some absolutely beautiful elopement destinations! State Parks such as Petit Jean and Mount Magazine are very popular for elopements, or you might want to book an Airbnb or hold your elopement at a family or friend’s land. You can also elope at the courthouse or at a hotel or even a wedding venue– it’s completely up to you!

You’ll want to lock in a date first so that you can find lodging and plan out your elopement. Whether you’re wanting to elope in Arkansas in the Summer or Fall, each season brings its own advantages and beauty.

My Favorite Places to Elope in Arkansas

Location-Specific Elopement Guides

A Waterfall Elopement at Petit Jean State Park

A Dreamy Sunset Elopement at Mount Magazine State Park

2. Secure your Arkansas Elopement Vendors

You’ll want to at minimum select a place to stay and your officiant! The rest is up to you! Many couples like to hire a specialty elopement photographer who is trained in capturing elopements and who knows specific elopement locations throughout the state. My elopement collections include complimentary officiant services, assistance with finding the perfect location, as well as assistance with planning, permits and vendors!

You may also want to go ahead and find your wedding clothes and book a hair and makeup artist for your day. Other couples like to have bouquets and floral design, as well as a small wedding cake to share at their Airbnb or elopement location.

How to Elope in Arkansas — finding the right vendors

You’ll want to work with vendors who have done elopements before- such as a florist who does small bouquets or a hair and makeup artist who has a one-person minimum. Elopement-minded vendors will know your unique needs and be prepared to serve you when you plan your elopement in Arkansas.

If you are planning to invite guests to your elopement, you’ll want to let them know around this time so that they can also secure lodging. But, you also don’t have to have guests either! Elopements are so amazing because they allow you the freedom to make it your own.

3. Apply for Your Marriage License for Your Arkansas Elopement

You’ll want to grab your marriage license about a week before your elopement– most County Clerks offices are open Monday through Friday, so if you’re planning to elope on a weekend day, you’ll want to make sure to show up and grab your license at the latest on Friday.

You will need $60 in cash and a photo Identification in most counties in Arkansas. There is no waiting period or blood test to apply for a marriage license in Arkansas. Once you have the license, you can get married anywhere in Arkansas. You simply must return the license to the same county where you got it.

Once you have the license, you usually have 30-60 days to return it. You’ll want to return it as soon as possible after the elopement. The clerk will sign the license and return it to you, and this will be your legal marriage license moving forward.

You’ll need your license for several things including any name changes, insurance purposes, etc.

Some counties in Arkansas allow you to mail in your marriage license– please call the county for more information regarding this service.

4. Enjoy Your Arkansas Elopement Day!

The day is here!! Enjoy your elopement and your day, and be proud that you decided to start your marriage journey in a way that feels right to you. Eloping in Arkansas can be so magical and special, and I’m cheering you on every step of the way!

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Reach out to me and learn more about my elopement packages!! I offer assistance with planning, locations, permits and vendors, to make your elopement day easy and fun!

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