Mount Magazine State Park Elopement

Ahhhh- Mount Magazine– literally one of the most beautiful places in Arkansas, especially for an adventure elopement. It’s the highest point in Arkansas, and oh so beautiful, especially this time of year! I have couples that travel from all over to elope at this iconic location.

K + C loved this spot from the beginning, and I was so excited to meet them out here last week so they could exchange vows and rings with one another.

As you know, Mount Magazine is quite honestly one of my favorite places to elope in Arkansas for its privacy, rugged beauty and stunning overlooks- especially at sunset. This beautiful evening was no exception. There was no one else out here, so we had this stunning bluff and the sunset to ourselves.

Mount Magazine Elopement

There are a ton of options for people who want to get married or elope at Mount Magazine State Park! The Lodge is large and accommodating for larger ceremonies and/or receptions, and there are pretty outdoor spots around it for your ceremony that will feature stunning views of Blue Mountain Lake.

If you are having a more intimate wedding or elopement, Cameron’s Bluff is my favorite spot! This scenic drive has several scenic vistas. My favorite is the amphitheater overlook and classic Cameron’s Bluff overlook. You could also elope at nearby Cove Lake or the Hang Gliding Launch site, which has stunning views from the south side.

You can also find a beautiful, albeit overgrown view from Dripping Springs’ bluff, which is on the opposite side of the valley. If you’re up for an adventure, there’s no shortage of hikes with beautiful payoffs!

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