Kings River Overlook Engagement

M + R chose this gorgeous overlook in the Ozarks because they love being outdoors! They also brought along their dogs (who are TWINS!! that they both adopted before knowing each other– what are the chances??). I loved hiking out to the overlook with them on this gorgeous fall evening.

Arkansas Adventure Engagement Photos

I love adventure engagement photos, because they add a little *spice* to your session. You can do adventure engagement photos anywhere, but some of my favorite places are this overlook, White Rock Mountain, Petit Jean State Park, Mount Magazine State Park, and others. There are so many cool opportunities for adventurous engagement photos in Arkansas! Kings River Overlook, where I hiked with R + M, is a spot I don’t visit often, but that’s going to have to change once I saw the beauty of this sunset overlook near Fayetteville, Arkansas!

The Best Places to Take Adventure Photos in Arkansas

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