Northwest Arkansas Engagement Photos

Yay, you’re engaged! Soon you’ll be sending out save-the-dates and printing your engagement photos in your home! Engagement sessions are an amazing time to get to know your photographer and see how they work. But where to shoot?

Northwest Arkansas Engagement Photo Locations

I’m from Fayetteville and have lived in Arkansas for nearly 27 years! I am passionate about this state and the people who live here. When meeting with my couples in person or on the phone, I always try to gauge what type of experience they want for their engagement session— do they want an urban or natural background? Do they want to go hiking for awesome views (future blog post idea: adventure engagement sessions and why you should consider one!!) or walk around the U of A campus and find their names on Senior Walk? Do they want to dress up with heels and a little red dress and suit or dress down with comfy sweaters and skinny jeans (or both!)?

The perfect location will depend on the couple, and it’s up to you and your partner to decide where you want to shoot!

Read on to discover some of my favorite engagement session spots in Northwest Arkansas! 🙂

Kings River Overlook Engagement Photos

The Kings River Overlook is a perfect spot for an adventurous engagement session, while still being close to Northwest Arkansas! This stunning trail is really easy to navigate and has a big payoff at the end with scenic bluffs and gorgeous views of the Kings River below. If you’re searching for an adventurous engagement session location in Northwest Arkansas, look no further!

An Adventurous Engagement Session at Kings River Overlook in Arkansas

Devil’s Den State Park Engagement Photos

Want a place that feels far away but is pretty close to Fayetteville? Devil’s Den has waterfalls, gorgeous hikes to scenic cliffside views and stunning cedar and pine groves. The trail to Yellow Rock is one of my favorites, and you can catch gorgeous light year-round.

A Waterfall Engagement Session at Devil’s Den State Park

Crystal Bridges Museum Engagement Photos

I loooove Crystal Bridges! If you’re a sucker for modern architecture, cool ivy walls and lots of greenery, look no further that this gorgeous modern marvel in the heart of NWA! Plus, it’s only a 10 minute drive from kitschy downtown Bentonville and The Momentary. This is a great spot for a more urban engagement session feel.

A Modern Engagement Session at Crystal Bridges

Tanyard Creek Nature Trail Engagement Photos

Green grass- check! Sprawling woods- check! Waterfall and epic lake with a dock- check! Cute little creek where you can hammock- check!

Tanyard Creek is a great, secluded place to take gorgeous engagement photos. Located just 10 minutes north of Bentonville, epic spot abounds with gorgeous photo locations.

White Rock Recreation Area Engagement Photos

Okay, hear me out- White Rock IS a little ways off the beaten trail. It requires a GPS and coordinates, and about 5-6 hours of availability if you’re driving from Fayetteville (two hours to get there, an hour long session, two hours to get back). However, the views are stunning and it would even be the perfect place for a weekend camping trip. If you like epic sunsets and getting out in nature (way out in nature), I totally suggest this area. Talk with your photog about any permits you may need to shoot here.

An Adventurous Engagement Session at White Rock Mountain

Downtown Eureka Springs Engagement Photos

If you’re looking for a funky, historic town with a hippie vibe and charm reminiscent of old San Francisco, Eureka Springs is the perfect spot! Downtown is my favorite part but you can also check out the Crescent Hotel and Lake Leatherwood. I like to walk the streets with my couples and find some cool new spots or neat shops to explore- you really do find something new every time you visit.

Downtown Bentonville Arkansas Engagement Photos

This spot is fun, modern and has an urban twist! I love Downtown Bentonville because it has gorgeous architecture and can be a fun spot for an engagement session! Plus, there are tons of restaurants and things to do, so you can have a date night afterwards!

A Modern Engagement Session in Downtown Bentonville, Arkansas

Wilson Park Engagement Photos

I LOVE Wilson Park in Fayetteville for some fun and outdoorsy engagement photos! This park is located really close to downtown and has nature trails, gorgeous fields and tons of greenery year round. It’s a fantastic spot if you’re planning to visit the U of A Campus or downtown Fayetteville as a second location.

A Tennis Inspired Engagement Session in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Buffalo National River Engagement Photos

Okay, so hear me out– this one is a little bit farther from Northwest Arkansas, but it’s still extremely beautiful! The Buffalo River is the first National River in the US, and it’s absolutely stunning. It’s located about an hour and a half from Fayetteville and offers tons of recreation opportunities year round. It is perfect for an adventurous engagement session too, and would be a perfect spot for a camping trip or weekend getaway!

  1. Thank you for this amazing information about the best locations for engagement photos in northwest Arkansas. It is super helpful to see your beautiful photos in the great landscapes of the area. My favorite place is the White Rock Recreation Area, I think I need to do a camping trip or even engagement photos there, whenever I am in the area.

  2. Clare Kolars says:

    What an awesome list of locations for those looking to elope in Arkansas! You’ve got a little bit of everything, from urban to natural landscapes. Any couple would be lucky to have you as their photographer. Well done!

  3. Abbi Hearne says:

    Oh wow, this is such a helpful blog post! Those places look amazing!! Arkansas has so many hidden gems.

  4. Sienna says:

    I’ve never known too much about Arkansas, so it was wonderful to learn about through this super helpful blog post! What pretty places this state has to offer.

  5. Adriana says:

    I love the downtown vibes of one of the locations! This is a super helpful post, there’s definitely something for every type of couple!

  6. Afton Flynn says:

    Love seeing each location and learning a bit more about it! So useful for couples finding engagement photo locations in Arkansas!

  7. These locations look so fun! This is awesome for couples looking for engagement spots in Arkansas!

  8. Nicole Daacke says:

    This is such a helpful article! It can be so hard to find locations, I’m sure couples will find this really helpful!

  9. Jaime W says:

    Hello! Your photos are beautiful! Could I ask where the grassy area photo was taken or where a similar place would be to go for a sunset photo with grassy in the fall?

    Thank you!

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