Want to discover some of the best places to take engagement photos in Northwest Arkansas? Read on to discover my very favorites– those spots that couples request again and again!

White Rock Mountain

This one is a little bit of a drive from Fayetteville, but it tops this list as my favorite Northwest Arkansas elopement and engagement session spot! White Rock Recreation Area is located in Mountainburg and the views are just stunning! There’s gorgeous greenery throughout the year and you can check out those killer sunset views year round!

White Rock Mountain Adventure Engagement Session

How to Elope at White Rock Mountain

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Wanting an engagement photo location in Northwest Arkansas that feels more modern and architectural? Enter Crystal Bridges! Located in the heart of Bentonville which has grown relatively upscale and trendy in the last few years, Crystal Bridges is an excellent space for engagement photos, featuring stunning architecture as well as green spaces and paved and non-paved trails.

Bella Vista Lakes

I LOVE these lakes for a romantic, Nicolas Sparks vibe! My favorites are Lake Ann, Lake Norwood and Lake Winsor! You can find lakes thorughout Bella Vista facing different directions that will best compliment the time of day. There are also gorgeous beaches, rocky gravel bars and docks that look excellent in photos!

Devil’s Den State Park

Located in Winslow (just a short drive from Fayetteville), Devil’s Den features several waterfalls, a scenic overlook and lots of trees. What’s not to love for your romantic and outdoorsy engagement photos? As a bonus, you can rent a cabin and make a weekend out of it!

Downtown Fayetteville

Hip, funky and fresh– downtown Fayetteville is where it’s at. You can find cool vibes on Dickson Street or on the square, or keep an eye out for murals– there are a bunch of them sprouting up all over Fayetteville. This cool black wall is behind Hugo’s on the square, and it’s a perfect blank canvas for an engagement session in Northwest Arkansas.

Tanyard Creek Nature Trail

Waterfalls, fields, forests, oh my! I LOVE Tanyard Creek and it’s one of my favorite Northwest Arkansas engagement photo locations! There are so many gorgeous natural features, including two waterfalls, rock formations, a gorgeous trail and a wooden boardwalk. This is a perfect spot if you want to be outdoorsy and explore a little!

Hobbs State Park

Want somewhere super private and secluded? Hobbs State Park is the place! Located on Beaver Lake, you can find some gorgeous private gravel bars with views of the lake! My favorite trails are the Pigeon Roost Trail and Van Winkle Loop! Plus there is always so much greenery and lots of rock formations and water features! This is my go-to for the couple who don’t want to travel far but who want some epic scenery!

Dickson Street

Dickson Street is the nightlife/bar street in Fayetteville! There are tons of cool haunts you can sneak into with your love for some edgy and offbeat vibed engagement photos! There are also tons of cool coffee shops and book stores if you’re looking for engagement photos that really match your personality. And, the University of Arkansas is just down the road if you’re wanting to grab some photos there as well.

White River

Located south of Fayetteville, the White River has some gorgeous overlooks and views! Again, this backdrop is for the more adventurous and outdoorsy couple! There are tons of beautiful spots and there’s a certain wilderness about the place, which is why it rounds out the list of my favorite Arkansas engagement photo locations!

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