Mount Magazine tops the list of my favorite elopement locations in Arkansas!

This mountain is the highest in Arkansas and is rich in natural beauty, including gorgeous rock formations, sprawling cliffs and bluffs and plenty of gorgeous colors year-round. As a bonus, there are a ton of accommodations available both in and around the park, including Mount Magazine Lodge and its various cabins and campgrounds and Cove Lake campground. If you’re looking for an elopement location that is accessible, stunning and captures the true heart of being outdoors in Arkansas, look no further than Mount Magazine! Want to learn more about eloping here? Read on!

Preparing for your Mount Magazine Elopement

  1. Visit the park to make sure it fits the vibe of your elopement or intimate wedding, and drive around to discover some of the prettiest backdrops such as the amphitheater lookout, hang gliding takeoff point, Cameron’s Bluff and Cove Lake.
  2. Decide what time of year you want to elope! Spring and Fall are easy favorites for their seasonal weather and gorgeous full foliage, but you can also find amazing views in the summer and a less crowded park in the winter!
  3. Notify Park personnel about your elopement plans to gather any important information about your elopement or intimate wedding.
  4. Find a place to stay nearby if you don’t want to make the two hour drive to Fayetteville or the one hour drive to Fort Smith- There are also several RV and primitive camp sites nearby at Cove Lake, as well as the Lodge at Mount Magazine and several super nice cabins with stunning overlooks!
  5. Book your vendors! Mount Magazine is approximately one hour from Fort Smith and two hours from Fayetteville. You definitely want to find an elopement photographer who has experience with Mount Magazine and can show you some of the secret overlooks and prettiest lookout points in the park related to time of day!
  1. Kim Sweatman says:

    We’re planning an elopement and are looking at Mt. Magazine lodge. If we only want a nuptials ceremony, with 0-7 guests, just to witness, do you have an officiate on the grounds?

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