Buffalo River Adventure Elopement

D + E reached out to me a few months ago about getting married their way. Both videographers and photographers themselves, they were looking for an intimate experience that married their love of the Buffalo River and the outdoors with their both adventurous and laid back lifestyle. When I rolled up to the tiny town of Snowball, they pulled up in their Jeep and away we went!

First, we hiked to Skull Bluff near Tyler Bend, where they exchanged vows and rings as the sun went down. It was such a magical and exhilarating spot! I kept thinking that it was so special that they could always return to that spot for the rest of their days and cherish that unique boulder because that’s where they became husband and wife.

Arkansas Elopement Photographer

After their vows, we headed to their basecamp on the Buffalo River, where they had this really neat wall tent set up. They shared whiskey and frolicked around the field as dusk overtook the valley.

It was such a magical day and I felt so fortunate to be able to capture it for them.

Arkansas Film Wedding Photographer

I LOVED being able to capture some of their day on 35mm film as well. I offer this with all of my elopement collections, and it’s such a special way to document the day. I also process and scan my own film as well!

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Tyler Bend Elopement

When eloping on the Buffalo River, there are a lot of great options! My favorites are Steel Creek and Sam’s Throne, but Tyler Bend was a new part of the river and I really thought it was beautiful! It’s much closer to the eastern part of the state.

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