Kindred Barn Wedding Venue

Picture it: You inquire with me and we schedule a call, and you tell me your venue is Kindred Barn. My heart skips a beat!! Because I freaking LOVE KINDRED BARN!

It’s no surprise– I love that big white barn and the perfect staff that manage it. This venue, located in Mulberry, is one of my favorite Arkansas wedding venues for a reason! If you want a barn wedding but not “that kind” of barn wedding, this spot offers beautiful, French provincial vibes right in the heart of Northwest Arkansas! Plus, an in-house coordinator coupled with a beautiful bridal and honeymoon suite makes this Arkansas Wedding Venue an A Plus in my book!

Kindred Barn Wedding

So why do I love this venue so much? Well for one, it is so elegant, without being over the top– you feel like you’re in Napa Valley while still being in Northwest Arkansas. It’s super convenient to both Central and Northwest Arkansas and you’re not too far from town (although you’ll feel like you are!).

In-house coordinator Gabby is SUPER friendly and kind and she can make your wedding dreams come to life! The reception space is absolutely stunning and so is the upstairs bridal and grooms’ suites and the honeymoon suite at the very top floor! It’s just all AMAZING!

Kindred Barn Bridal Suite

Scroll down to see some photos of this AMAZING bridal/honeymoon suite! There are plenty of places to sleep so your friends can stay over the night before as you prepare for your wedding day! Same with the guys– they have their very own wing of the second floor and their own getting ready suite, complete with beds and a full bathroom on both sides.

Upstairs, there is another suite- the honeymoon suite. This has a large balcony and even more space to get ready, as well as a full bathroom and beautiful views of the valley below.

Kindred Barn Reception Space

I. LOVE. THIS. SPACE. Holy crap you guys. It is beautiful, it is spacious and it can be made up in so many different configurations! The chairs are oh so dreamy and the whole thing is just a vibe. White on white means photos look amazing and dreamy and literally any color palette will be a dream in this space!

Kindred Barn Ceremony Space

Kindred Barn’s original ceremony space was partially destroyed by a storm, however they have been so resourceful and have created a new ceremony space directly behind the barn! This space is so beautiful it rivals the original space! Plus its’ so close to the reception hall which makes it incredibly convenient!

Outdoor Ceremonies Mulberry Wedding Venue

okay– can we just — ahhh!! — talk about this beautiful space! I mean for real, right? You also have the option of getting married in front of the barn or inside the barn– but the back of the barn is my personal favorite! I love the simple benches and that walkway and how the trees frame everything! Even at night, it’s oh so dreamy!

The Reception Space

Okay, so it’s time to party!! And that reception space at Kindred Barn honestly has ALL the room you need! Plus any DJ will be so thrilled to have all that space to set up and let people dance!

The Greenhouse + Grounds

I’m also obsessed with this beautiful glass greenhouse and the grounds around Kindred Barn! They are seriously all so dreamy!

Sparkler Exit

Are you dreaming of the perfect sparkler exit as you depart your wedding? This beautiful Arkansas wedding venue nis a great place for a sparkler exit!!

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