As an Arkansas elopement photographer, I’m obsessed with almost every kind of elopement that’s out there! That includes urban elopements. Urban elopements offer something unique and different from a traditional courthouse or adventure elopement. I love the beauty within architecture and lines, and there’s ton of that to be had in Downtown Fayetteville!

Fayetteville, Arkansas Elopement

K + E eloped earlier in the year but we met back up to take some gorgeous sunset photos around downtown Fayetteville! E brought his film camera and also took some photos of K while we explored the area. It was such a fun and laidback elopement shoot! I even captured some film of my own as well.

Arkansas Film Wedding Photographer

Shooting on film is so fun, and it adds a timeless and even vintage twist to your gallery. I shoot on 35mm film and offer it to all of my wedding and elopement couples. Not every elopement photographer offers film, so I feel lucky to have the opportunity to shoot on and process my very own film scans!

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