Let me just say it: St. Catherine’s is one of my favorite elopement venues in Arkansas.

Typically when I’m suggesting elopement locations, my couples fall into one of two camps:

The first camp wants to elope somewhere private with spectacular views. If that’s you, I have tons of suggestions for natural overlooks and scenic points where you can exchange vows at sunset.

The other couples still want the privacy of an elopement, but they want to stay in town— maybe they’re grabbing dinner with friends and family after their elopement or staying at a quiet Airbnb in downtown Fayetteville. Maybe they want indoor options as well. That’s where St. Catherine’s comes in.

I think I’ve shot at least 15 elopements at St. Catherine’s in the two years that I’ve been in business. It’s a beautiful and affordable elopement location with gorgeous, private grounds and an indoor option. The tiny chapel accommodates up to 15 people and you can do your elopement inside the chapel in case of rain or snow.

st catherines at bell gable elopement

st catherines at bell gable elopement

st catherines at bell gable elopement







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