Want to know how to elope at Sam’s Throne? It’s a gorgeous spot for a celebration of love, nestled about an hour south of Harrison and just a short drive from Jasper, the home of the Buffalo River. A Sam’s Throne Elopement is a beautiful way to enjoy your wedding outdoors.

Considering an elopement at Sam’s Throne? Firstly, you’ll want to visit the scenic overlook to make sure it fits the vibe of your elopement or intimate wedding! Then, you’ll want to decide when to elope and whether or not you’ll need a permit. Lastly, you’ll want to plan your stay! Let me tell you, it is beautiful! Sam’s Throne is a scenic and private spot for an intimate wedding or elopement. Read on to discover more tips on eloping at Sam’s Throne in Mount Judea!

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How to Plan your Sam’s Throne Elopement

  1. Decide what time of year you want to elope! Spring and Fall are easy favorites for their seasonal weather and gorgeous full foliage. Additionally, you can also find amazing views in the summer and a less crowded park in the winter and early spring!
  2. First, you’ll want to notify State Park personnel about your elopement plans. Planning ahead will help. You’ll want to gather any important information about your elopement or intimate wedding. To my knowledge, a permit is not currently required for an elopement at Sam’s Throne unless you are incorporating chairs or other furnishings such as an arch.
  3. Then, find a place to stay nearby if you don’t want to make the one hour drive to Fayetteville or the two hour drive to Litle Rock! In addition, there are tons of cabin and RV options and Airbnbs abound. Two of my favorite locations are Horseshoe Canyon Ranch and the Buffalo River Outdoor Center Cabins.

Finding Vendors for Your Sam’s Throne Elopement

  1. Book your vendors! You’ll want to keep in mind that Sam’s Throne is approximately two hours from Fayetteville. Also, it’s about the same distance from Little Rock. So you definitely want to find an elopement photographer who has experience shooting elopements at Sam’s Throne! Additionally, you want a photographer who can find other scenic locations nearby for photos!
  2. Enjoy your elopement and remember to practice Leave No Trace! Additionally, more information on LNT principles can be found here.

Sam’s Throne Adventure Elopement

Additionally, If you’re looking for an adventure engagement or elopement photographer who is both FUN and familiar with the area, feel free to reach out to me for more information! I offer location consulting with all my elopement packages and can show you the BEST locations for elopements at Sam’s Throne!

Interested in learning more about Sam’s Throne? Contact me through the contact page!

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