Ahhhh, your engagement photos!! Taking your engagement photos is one of the first things you’ll do together as an engaged couple and it can be an amazing experience that gives you some blissful photos to share with your friends and family in the form of save the dates, invitations, or high quality prints in your home.

Engagement photos are, for some couples, the first time when you realize it’s actually happening— you’re going to be getting married! So how do you ensure that your photos are everything you’re dreaming of? Read on to discover some tips!

  1. Talk with your photographer about your vision for your engagement photos!

  1. Your photographer should be reaching out to you to figure out what you’re hoping for when it comes to engagement photos! Use your photographer as a resource, because more than likely they will know lots of gorgeous locations and can help you figure out outfits, strategic locations and the timeline of the shoot. Working with your photographer also helps you build trust and knowledge of that individual so that you can feel super comfortable and excited about them photographing your day. I love planning engagement sessions with my couples because it helps me get to know them more and helps them to feel relaxed and prepared for the session.

  2. Find an outfit that makes you feel both comfortable and cute!

    Sometimes you may feel the need to pick an outfit that’s super fancy or brand new— I would caution you against this! Picking an outfit that you feel comfortable in can really show in the photos because you feel at ease with how you look and you’re able to do more activities, such as dancing, walking and jumping into your partners’ arms without worrying about how you look! I encourage couples to choose a casual and fancier outfit so that they have two different looks. When picking out your fancier outfit, make sure you wear it out at least a few times so you can make sure that the material is comfortable and that you feel like you can move around in it! Colors that work well together include neutral tones such as navy, olive green and maroon. Work with your photographer to get an idea of the color palette of the different locations where you’ll be shooting.

  3. Take some time to hang out with your beloved before the shoot.

    If you’re working with me for your engagement photos, you’ll typically be super cozy and affectionate with your partner the whole time. This can feel awkward if you’re meeting up for the shoot after a long day at work or school. So if you can, try to carve some time out before the shoot to grab a drink together, go on a hike or get to the location early to hang out and feel comfortable around one another. This helps you get comfortable with the poses and prompts way more quickly!

  4. Be open about poses and prompts.

    Your photographer knows what they’re doing— they may suggest poses or prompts that may feel weird or awkward, but try to keep an open mind. With that said, not every couple is comfortable with lots of PDA or certain body positions, so don’t be afraid to speak up if there’s something you don’t feel comfortable doing— this is your engagement session that you’ve paid for, so don’t ever feel bad about turning down a pose or prompt for personal reasons. With that said, don’t be afraid to get silly or look weird because it may just turn out to be your favorite photo! Many photographers, myself included, like to have different poses and prompts that get our couples to interact, laugh and play— this creates genuine emotions and reactions that make your photos look and feel like you. Sometimes, we achieve this by having you do things you don’t normally do though, like having your fiance give you a piggyback ride or having you both run towards the camera. Don’t be afraid to look a little silly, because that’s when the magic happens!

  5. Be present and have fun!!

    You’ll only take these photos once— really try to be present throughout the session and ENJOY the season of life that you’re in with your beloved— don’t be afraid to get vulnerable and let your emotions show— as your photographer, I’ve got you, and you’re always safe with me. I try to give my couples some moments to just be together, to be present and to celebrate their engagement during the session. Whether that means taking a deep breath as you dance together on a beautiful dock or grabbing dinner after the session to reflect and dream about the future, make it your own and savor the moment.


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