Hey there! This post serves to go over some basic etiquette for styled shoots and specifically, how to credit vendors appropriately.

Styled Shoots are an amazing opportunity to create content and show off your skills! A styled shoot is a culmination of several vendors putting their talents together to create something new and beautiful. Many times, vendors provide their services at cost so that the organizing photographer or planner can keep the ticket costs low! The planner is in charge of making sure that participating photographers credit their vendors properly.

With that said, don’t forget the following tips on making sure that your styled shoot is a rewarding experience!

  1. Tag All Vendors both within the post and in the actual photos if posting to Instagram! This also includes the event planner or photographer who organized the shoot! If posting to Facebook, it’s helpful to do a search of the vendors before posting so that you can tag them within the post and in your caption. If you can’t find the vendors on Facebook, that’s okay! It’s still helpful to type out their names or the name of their business in the caption so people who see the post can search them.

  2. Don’t forget to send your galleries to the vendors or the organizing planner so that the vendors can get content to share with their followers! This also helps you as the photographer because your work is being seen by more people!

  3. When posting about the shoot, be careful about how you are presenting the content to your followers. You don’t ever want to insinuate that the shoot was a real wedding or elopement because it can look dishonest or misleading. However, you can state it was a fun shoot without necessarily saying it was a styled shoot! One way to do this is by captioning your post with something like, “This gorgeous sunset shoot with X and X was so much fun and I loved her dress from X”. Don’t forget to tag the vendors in the post and type them out below within your caption.

    Are there any other styled shoot tips I forgot to add? Let me know in the comments below!


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