Hey, YOU! Yes, you! Are you bored? Cooped up with your significant other and/or kiddos? Starting to freak out a little bit?


Learn how to do your own lifestyle portraits at home! In this step by step guide, I’ll provide some prompts and ways to be creative and make some awesome images that you can use as wallpaper, on social media or even print in your home!

What you’ll need:

—A phone (iPhones are best, but let’s not get into an argument here…)

—Yourself, your partner or a pet 🙂

—A cute corner of your house with plenty of natural light (my favorite space is my kitchen or living room)

—Something to put your phone on (window ledge, table, fridge, etc.— don’t be afraid to get creative!)

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  1. Set up your camera! Place it in a sturdy location where it’s not going to fall down. My personal favorite is a windowsill or on a high chair/barstool with a back. You’ll want to center the phone so that it captures plenty of space around you and your partner. Do you want to do landscape or portrait orientation? You decide! 🙂 If you want to get super fancy, you can order custom phone stands on Amazon, like this one .

  2. Clear out all the clutter! Move any papers, trash, food, etc. If you want, bring some plants or interesting art into the space to create a cool aesthetic.

  3. Stand with your partner in your special spot and take a few test shots with the iPhone timer! If you need help getting started with your phone’s timer, you can find a helpful tutorial here .

  4. Let’s get into some prompts! Pull your partner close and do some of the following! These are some actual prompts I use with couples during in-home sessions!


    Put on your favorite song and dance around with just your fingers touching!

    While sitting on the floor, face your partner and put your legs over your partner’s legs and tell them to give you a big bear hug while you turn towards the camera.

    Cuddle on the couch with two mugs of coffee and touch noses.

    Sit on the edge of your countertop and have your partner give you a hug. Then have your partner turn around and give them a hug from behind.

    While standing, hug your partner from behind and look at the camera. Tell your partner to look out the window and think about what they want for dinner.

    Cuddle up on the couch with a blanket and trace your nose along your partner’s cheek, spelling out what you want for dinner. Have your partner try to guess what you spelled out!


    Stand and play with your hair, looking out the window.

    Grab a cup of coffee and a chair, and lean forward towards the camera with your chin up, laughing. You can also try looking out the window, playing with your hair and crossing your arms and leaning over them towards the camera.


    Hold your pet in your arms near a window and look lovingly at them. If they are too big to hold, get on the floor and put your arms around them and lean slightly towards them.


    Cuddle on the couch and have your kids play with their favorite toy while you stroke their hair and/or look at the camera or outside. <3

    Kiss and hug your significant other while your kids run around you in circles.

    Have everyone cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. Stroke your kids’ hair and have your partner throw one up in the air (if they’re small enough!)


    Get close to a window and hold your baby out in your arms. Have your partner hold you from behind or put their hand over your hand. Have your partner whisper something silly in your ear.


I hope these prompts were helpful! Once you’re done with your photos, download Lightroom for your phone and you can edit your photos on your phone! You can find tons of mobile presets online or through your favorite photographer! You can also use filter options on Instagram to edit your photos. 🙂

If you do a DIY session, send me the photos so I can include them in my next post!

Some clients have been asking if I do virtual sessions: the answer is YES! I am currently offering Facetime sessions for $50 for a 15 minute session with 10 images. You can contact me for more info on these sessions!

Stay safe out there!




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