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Bam, we’re on week three! This week, I wanted to focus on hair and makeup, and feeling your best on your wedding day, as well as finding a bridal makeup artist and hair stylist who makes you feel amazing and who you can connect with! I will be inviting a couple hair and makeup artists on the blog so you can learn even more about this important topic!

This week, I talked with Shae of Brushed Beauty Studio- Shae is an extremely talented hair and makeup artist and she specializes in bridal makeup and hair. I’m so excited to welcome her to the blog to demystify wedding beauty and finding YOUR unique look!

Q: What do you do currently?

I am a local makeup artist and hairstylist with a small bridal team servicing Northwest Arkansas and beyond.

Q: How did you get involved in working in the wedding beauty industry?

After graduating cosmetology school I started working at my local MAC Counter. When we would have appointments ask for an artist during times the counter wasn’t open my manager would give gigs to an artist who was available for travel and allowed us to make our own pricing and build clientele. While I started off working proms and quinceaneras, I quickly found that my niche in “rights of passage” makeup and started to make connections within the wedding industry. I also do makeup for both Boudoir and Maternity sessions as well.

Q: What’s the most important thing a bride should consider when choosing her bridal hair and makeup artist?

A bride should consider how she wants to feel on the wedding day and find an artist that helps articulate that feeling for their clients consistently. Aesthetic is important as well. Also, making sure the artist provides the type of makeup service you’re looking for( such as traditional with brushes and sponges or airbrush) and that they are professional with you from the start— this is a very important part of the bride-artist relationship best-fit indication.

Q: What advice do you have for brides who are considering eloping? Does that influence the type of hair and makeup they should consider?

I think for eloping it shouldn’t change the type of hair and makeup they are considering as a bride. They should get the look that they want. An artist well versed in their craft will be able to make sure your makeup and hair style has longevity as well as allotting touch up items so your look stays fresh like blotting or setting powder, hairspray and a touch up lip.

Q: Are there other factors they should take into consideration, such as potential weather, time of year and their ceremony/reception location?

I think more so their everyday preferences in terms of personal presentation are what matter most when finding their look for their special day. If they have bangs but HATE them in their face, opt for a style where they won’t be fanning them away all day out of discomfort or if they have long hair and get hot easily but will be having a wedding in midsummer maybe opt for something up or half up so that they allow for more breeze to flow through so they don’t get too hot. It’s all about enhancing beauty but also comfortability. Don’t compromise comfort for style.. it’s YOUR day after all:)


Q: What tips do you have for brides who just aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to selecting their bridal hair and makeup artist?

They should try to find photos of themselves when they felt at their best or were having a great “hair or makeup” day. What was it like? Was their hair up or down? Did they have in a natural makeup look or were they more glam? If they’re looking on Pinterest try to find eye or face shapes more similar to theirs. While features may be different( because we’re all unique) this will give them a good indication of what placement looks best for their features and it can be customized with consultation.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your work?

The most rewarding part of my work is when a bride ask me for something and she isn’t quite sure how to articulate to where I’ll understand and I still am able to exceed her expectations. I’m also a sucker for seeing the groom and bridal party cry at weddings when they see her.

Q: Any other tips for brides who are planning their wedding for 2020 or 2021?

Yes! Please make sure to:

-Wear a shirt the color of your dress to your trial run so you can get a feel for how the makeup will look on the wedding day.

-make sure you have any aesthetic services( facial waxing and facial services) done a week prior to your bridal trial for makeup. The artist will likely use skincare on you but this will help for a smooth and flawless application where makeup adheres to the skin properly and gives the makeup longevity.

-make sure your hair is clean, dry and has a base that is needed for the style( if you have curly hair but want a straight or loosely curled style make sure it’s blowdried straight) this will cut down on the time of your trial and allow the stylist to manipulate your hair the way they need to for the style you want.

Shakayla Canaday is the CEO and founder of Brushed Beauty Studio. You can view more information about her business here. You can send her an email or visit her Instagram to get in touch as well! Her work phone is 479-365-9299.


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